Who is Fix It DMS?

FixIt is a national leader in Document Management Services and a consumer advocate, that helps people achieve financial freedom. We have a deep understanding of your rights as a consumer and help you exercise those rights through our proven dispute documentation service to dispute and invalidate your debt entirely with collection agencies. We call this process the FixIt Financial Restoration Program.

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What is the FixIt Financial Restoration Program?

Glad you asked! The FixIt Financial Restoration model exercises your consumer rights to dispute your accounts against collection agencies. FixIt is a document management service that will organize, track, and prepare documents on your behalf that can assist you in disproving the collection agency in question has a legal right to collect on you. Through getting your accounts invalidated, they are no longer collectible and all collection activity must stop. In the event an account cannot be invalidated by our document management service, a prorated refund will be applied to your program.

Are you a legal team?

No we are not lawyers. Nor do you need to be a lawyer to invalidate accounts you owe on. In fact, you could even do this yourself if you have the time, training, and knowledge. We are simply a team with a streamlined proven process, that knows what to say and present formally to collectors to invalidate debt.

Can I do this myself?

The answer is yes you can. However, it can be complicated for someone who has no experience with successfully invalidating debt. We are a company that does this professionally and has a track record of success. There are many things you can do in life yourself, but sometimes it makes more sense to hire in the professionals to get the best result possible.

Is FixIt trust worthy and have reviews?

We are in the business of helping people understand and exercise their consumer rights. We pride ourselves on customer service and treat our clients with the highest levels of integrity. With a track record of success in the validation process and our hands-on document management service, we are with you every step of the way to get you the best result possible.

With all that said, we always let our 3rd party verified reviews speak for our services click here.

Does Fix It DMS have a mobile App?

Yes! Our app is available on both Apple's apps store and the Android app store. 

Click here: Fix It DMS App for iPhone

Click here: Fix It DMS App for Android

The Fix It DMS app is FREE for download with our program and allows you to access your accounts and progress at your fingertips on your mobile phone. 

Key mobile app features:

  • 24/7 secure access to your Fix It DMS online portal
  • Access to all your accounts enrolled in the program
  • Access to snap photos and upload all 3rd party collection correspondence 
  • Access to your progress report
  • Access to all your signed Fix It DMS agreements
  • Access to your very own budgeting calculator
  • Account managers contact information 
  • Schedule appointments with your account manager